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Netware / Open Enterprise Server (OES) Migrations

Netware / Open Enterprise Server (OES) to Microsoft AD / Windows Migrations

With the help of industry standard toolsets, along with unparalleled custom scripts developed over the years that help with nearly every facet of a migration, Critical Systems can provide a solution which will help you migrate easily, as well as help avoid negative impacts to your user base.

We can help in the following areas:
- Migrate / Merge users / groups from eDirectory to AD
- Migrate Data with permissions from Novell / OES to Windows / NAS with NTFS capabilities
- Set lower-level permissions so that data looks essentially the same to end-users once migrated
- Look for data permissions which may cause issues, prior to migration

Key Points & Industry Certification

Things to consider:
- We have employees certified on MMigrator for NDS (MNDS), formally known as NDS Migrator (NDSM).
- We have internally developed scripts to handle items such as lower-level permissions, identifying permissions that don't translate correctly, and looking for any deny permissions ahead of migrating your data.
- Keep costs down by contacting us first! Most of our work is through subcontracting. By contacting us first, you can cut out the middleman.
- Some Critical Systems employees hold additional cerfications such as MCSE and MCNE, which brings more knowledge to a migration such as this.
- We do subcontracting, so if you are a vendor/consultant in need of our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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If you are looking into pursuing a migration off either Netware or OES, please contact us. The products we utilize require Professional Services or a certified company if you wish to purchase. We are certified and can sell the product as well.

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