Microsoft 365

Setup & Configuration

Microsoft 365 Setup & Configuration

Are you thinking of possibly migrating your current email environment to the Cloud? Are you curious but don't know where to start? Call Critical Systems for guidance on all phases of an M365 deployment. Even if your company is new to email, Critical Systems can help you deploy M365 even if you've never had an email system.

We can help in the following areas:
- Migrate GroupWise to M365 - Click here for more information
- Migrate Lotus Notes to M365 - Click here for more information
- Migrate Exchange / M365 (other tenant) to M365 (new tenant) - Click here for more information

Key Points

Things to consider:
- Critical Systems is a Microsoft partner and has over 23 years of migration experience to Microsoft platforms.
- We deal extensively with O365 PowerShell to help customize some of the special O365 needs for our customers.
- Keep costs down by contacting us first! Most of our work is through subcontracting. By contacting us first, you can cut out the middleman.
- We do subcontracting, so if you are a vendor/consultant in need of our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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If you are looking into pursuing a new setup of M365, or are having difficulties in a current setup/configuration of M365, please give Critical Systems a call!

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